Modular speaker mounting solutions

SM-1 Speaker Mount System

Simple Setup. Precise Placement.


WM1 Wall or Ceiling Mount

Attach the WM1 to your wall or ceiling. Optional with UM1 Speaker Mount.


SW1 or UM1 Speaker Swivels

The SW1 or UM1 slide into the WM1 and offer locking pan and tilt.


Native Integration + Adapters

The Precision system has native integration or adapter plates and brackets for most major speaker models.



  • Cohesive System

    The SW1 requires the WM1 Wall Mount and adapters for most speakers.

  • Heavy Duty

    Supports up to 100 lbs.

  • Pin-Lock Pan & Tilt

    Locking pins secure your speaker's position in measured increments.

  • Modular & Adaptable

    Works with most popular speakers through our catalog of adapter brackets and plates and integrates with some speakers directly.


  • Standalone Swivel

    The UM1 is designed to work as a standalone solution for most speakers. The WM1 is optional, speaker adapters as necessary.

  • Lightweight

    Supports up to 25 lbs.

  • Gear-Lock Pan & Tilt

    A Hirth joint secures your speaker's tilt, while a friction joint locks pan position.

  • Universal Integration

    The SM-UM1 attaches directly to 20+ popular speaker models with adapter plates and brackets available for many others

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