Barefoot Sound Footprint 02

Precision Mounting Guide

Barefoot Sound’s Footprint can be mounted with an SM-SW1 using the VM1 Vesa mount adapter plate. Note: You also must purchase the BAREFOOT SOUND FOOTPRINT VESA ADAPTER for mounting Footprint studio monitors to VESA mounts for Atmos and immersive configurations.

Precision Mounting Solutions for Barefoot Sound Footprint 02

SM-SW1 Recommended Components

The SM-SW1 is our strongest, most precise speaker mount. With the ability to lock speaker tilt in 15-degree increments and pan on 30-degree increments, the SM-SW1 Speaker Mount is perfect for heavier speakers and critical listening spaces like Dolby Atmos mixing rooms.

WM1 Wall Mount

SM-SW1 Speaker Mount

VM1 Vesa Mount Adapter

SM-SW1 Installation Instructions

WM1 Wall Mount

The SW1 requires a WM1 Wall Mount due to the heavier weights of SM-SW1 compatible speakers. Fortunately it makes installation a breeze. Just press against the wall at your desired location and mark the mounting holes with a pencil. Then pre-drill into studs or place your anchors. Attach the WM1 to your wall.

Attaching Your Barefoot Sound Footprint 02 to SM-SW1

The VM1 Vesa Mount Adapter connects your speaker to the SM-SW1.

SW1 Universal Speaker Mount

Next adjust the SW1’s tilt and pan to your desired position. Lock into place. Lastly, slide the SW1 into the WM1 and lock tension pins with the included allen key. 

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