PreSonus Eris Pro 6

Precision Mounting Guide

PreSonus Eris Pro 6 can be mounted to the SM-UM1 using the SM-P6B speaker mounting bracket.

Precision Mounting Solutions for PreSonus Eris Pro 6

SM-UM1 Recommended Components

The SM-UM1 is our most affordable speaker mount. Its universal face plate works with many speakers under 25 pounds. With the ability to adjust pan and tilt and lock positioning with geared fittings, the SM-UM1 is perfect for Dolby Atmos rooms where lighter speakers are being used. 

UM1 Universal Speaker Mount

SM-P6B | Speaker Mounting Bracket

WM1 Wall Mount

SM-UM1 Installation Instructions

UM1 Universal Speaker Mount

When possible, it’s best to adjust your speaker to the desired pan and tilt before mounting to the wall. The WM1 makes this process much easier.

Attaching Your PreSonus Eris Pro 6 to UM1

The SM-P6B | Speaker Mounting Bracket connects your speaker to the SM-UM1.

Attaching to the Wall or Ceiling

The WM1 is optional in the UM1 System, however, it’s highly recommended to improve your installation workflow. 

If using the WM1, press it against the wall at your desired location and mark the mounting holes with a pencil. Then pre-drill into studs or place your anchors. Attach the WM1 to your wall.

If mounting the UM1 directly to the wall, place it in the desired location and mark the mounting holes. Pre-drill into studs or place anchors as with WM1, but mount it to the wall after connecting your speaker to the system.

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