SM1 Installation and Setup

1. Install WM1 Wall Plate

Place the WM1 Wall Mount in its desired location and use a pencil to mark the alignment of holes for mounting. Then install using lags or anchors, depending on your wall construction. 

2. Attach any necessary components

If you’re using drop-pipe, install two SM-PM1s. One PM1 slides into the the WM1 and one PM1 screws to the back of the SW1 or UM1.

3. Attach your speaker to the SM1 according to our instructions for your speaker.

Visit our Speaker Fitting Matrix to learn which mounting system is recommended for your speaker. Some speakers will be mounted directly to the SM1, while others require adapter plates or brackets.

4. Slide the SM1 assembly into the WM1.

Once you’ve connected your speaker to the SM1, slide the entire assembly into the WM1 you’ve wall-mounted.

5. Adjust pan and tilt.

Release the pan locking pin and set the pan to the desired direction. Then allow the locking pin to snap into the nearest position. Adjust tilt in a similar manner, ensuring that the speaker is supported by hand before releasing the tilt locking pin.