Precision SM-FP | Focal Adapter Plate


The Precision SM-FP by Triad-Orbit Focal speaker plate is designed to accommodate Focal two hole speakers with a range of 35mm to 105mm. Its “T” shape allows the SM-SW1 to avoid the speaker’s I/O, switches, and knobs, and it features four SM-SW1 M8 holes for both vertical and horizontal orientation. This plate is compatible with various models, including Alpha 50 Evo, Alpha 65 Evo, Shape 40, Shape 50, Shape 65, and Shape Twin.

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Compatible Speakers

FP Focal Adapter Spec Sheet PDF

SM1 & UM1 System Compared


  • Heavy Duty

    Supports up to 100 lbs.

  • Pin-Lock Pan & Tilt

    Locking pins secure your speaker's position in measured increments.

  • Modular & Adaptable

    Works with most popular speakers through our catalog of adapter brackets and plates and integrates with some speakers directly.


  • Lightweight

    Supports up to 25 lbs.

  • Gear-Lock Pan & Tilt

    A Hirth joint secures your speaker's tilt, while a friction joint locks pan position.

  • Universal Integration

    The SM-UM1 attaches directly to 20+ popular speaker models with adapter plates and brackets available for many others

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