Precision SM-7IP | JBL 708P Adapter Plate


Mounting plate for JBL 7 series passive speakers. The SM-7IP plate mounts to either JBL 708p. The SM-7IP plates have 4, 50-80mm slotted holes which allows both vertical and horizontal orientation when attaching to the SM-SW1 swivel.

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SKU: SM-708B

Compatible Speakers

SM1 & UM1 System Compared


  • Heavy Duty

    Supports up to 100 lbs.

  • Pin-Lock Pan & Tilt

    Locking pins secure your speaker's position in measured increments.

  • Modular & Adaptable

    Works with most popular speakers through our catalog of adapter brackets and plates and integrates with some speakers directly.


  • Lightweight

    Supports up to 25 lbs.

  • Gear-Lock Pan & Tilt

    A Hirth joint secures your speaker's tilt, while a friction joint locks pan position.

  • Universal Integration

    The SM-UM1 attaches directly to 20+ popular speaker models with adapter plates and brackets available for many others

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